Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing to rent from MastersFX ProRent. Here are the terms of our rental arrangement that you should be familiar with:

Rental Fees:

  1. Payment must be made in full by cheque upon pick up, or through Purchase Order on account to be set up prior to pick up.
  2. The RENTER shall provide a damage deposit cheque prior to pick up for replacement value of equipment to be refunded upon return of undamaged equipment -OR- shall insure the equipment under the Production Company’s insurance policy for the duration of the rental and shall provide a Certificate Of Insurance (COI) from the production company prior to pick up.
  3. The RENTER may take items away for a “Show and Tell” session of reasonable duration (1 or 2 days) at no charge if they then opt to rent. If the RENTER then opts not to rent, an amount to be determined by MastersFX will be charged based on the item’s daily rental rate.
  4. If an item is returned later than the agreed upon rental return date without prior re-negotiation, a late fee amount to be determined by MastersFX will be charged based on the item’s daily rental rate.

General Terms of Rental:

  1. The RENTER shall provide notice of at least 24 hours before agreed upon pickup time if cancelling or rescheduling a rental period, or altering details of rental items, once agreed upon (by email or text message or in writing) and invoice has been issued, or else full payment is due unless otherwise negotiated.  In the event an item is put on “hold” for certain dates and then not rented for any reason, the reasonable rental cost shall be paid for one day if such cancellation is not at least 48 hours before the hold date.
  2. The RENTER shall be responsible for all shipping costs and when necessary shall provide shipping company account information to MastersFX exclusively for such purposes.  In the event of shipping, the RENTER shall show proof of insurance for the period from pick up to return with the RENTER being liable for any loss during shipping.
  3. The RENTER shall keep and maintain the rented equipment during the terms of the rental.  The RENTER shall keep the equipment in a good state of repair, normal wear and tear excepted.  A fee of $100 will be charged for each bodysuit provided with a prop that is returned bloodied/soiled and unable to be cleaned.
  4. In the case of minor damage to the equipment beyond normal wear and tear, reasonable repair costs determined by MastersFX will be charged to the RENTER.
  5. In the case of major damage to or loss of the equipment, the deposit cheque shall not be returned to the RENTER and shall be paid to MastersFX to cover losses -OR- the insurance company will decide the value of the repairs or replacement equipment to be paid to MastersFX.  Any losses in excess of the deposit check or insurance reimbursement shall be the responsibility of the RENTER.