For more than three decades, MastersFX’s teams have filmed
all over the planet, as part of nearly every-type of entertainment
and maybe, we have seen it all.


With eons of experiences, in
there’s not much we are afraid of these days…


We are well-known for handling complex


With our team’s expansive set of skills and abilities,
as well as Practical, Character FX, Practical FX and VFX…
Plus our Rental and Make-Up support divisions –
we are your home to handle it all.


MastersFX has been winning awards for our Practical FX work – for over 30 years!

From traditional Make-up FX – to advanced silicone prosthetics and animatronics
our team’s skillsets and abilities are
world-class and state of the art.

We are the creators of the cadavers from Six Feet Under, the vampires from True Blood, Jack from Jack in The Box, Bib The Michelin Man, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Borg from Star Trek, werewolves from Underworld, Chucky from Child’s Play…

Innovation and creating the most organic
character FX for film and TV, is our passion,
but beyond this, we’ve created
Practical FX
for covers of magazines

(Vanity Fair)

and best-selling books
(The PreHistory of The Far Side: 10th Anniversary.)

Hand-crafted Practical FX have been at the core of MFX’s business since 1987
and remains in high demand. If anything – with MFX’s integration
of Practical and Digital FX –
the award-winning work from MFX
seems to be more popular today
with filmmakers – than ever before.


MastersFX’s mixes their award-winning Practical FX work with computer graphics
creating a unique blend and characters and effects, like none other.

We call the proces d/MFX!

Operating with our multi-disciplines,
clients have the selection of techniques & services,
to fit their project

rather than the same process
and same look for everything.

The experts at MFX spent many years integrating
PRACTICAL and DIGITAL FX techniques,
developing standards, that are FX standards, today!
Combining modern digital effects with practical onset production talents
– d/MFX creates organic, believable characters –
that are directable, connectable and production-friendly,
at a one-stop FX shop.