Official Masters FX Reel

  • An overview of MastersFX's movie-making highlights over the past 30 years: characters including Star Trek's enigmatic Borg Queen, "The Long One" from Slither, and various aliens, vampires, and werewolves. 

Falling Skies - Cochise (dMFX)

  • In this client spotlight featuring Cochise from Falling Skies, we use the actor's original performance to drive digital CG enhancements resulting in the final animation of the character seen on-screen.  We call this technology Digital Makeup Effects (dMFX) and it truly is an exciting hybridation of VFX and practical Character FX.  

Practical MFX

  • A closer look at practical FX techniques and materials with select scenes from Slither, True Blood, Fallen Skies, and Fringe. 


  • Clips from past commercial work including the "Got Milk?" campaign, Twisted Metal III (video game), Jack In The Box, Denny's, Michelin Automotive Tires, Cup Noodle, and Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

Character Prosthetics

  • Showcase of character prosthetics makeup for aging, youthening, burns, frozen fx, and fat faces.